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Think positive! Be Positive!


If I said, “Don’t be like the news!”  Would that be positive?

It seemed fitting that the first post in the Be Positive category be called, Be More Positive.  This is a positive approach to what could have been a  negative title: Don’t Be Like The News.

Ok, so the first Be Positive post is going to be from a little bit of a negative direction, but the outcome will definitely Be Positive.

The news, no matter if it is on TV, radio, internet, or a newspaper, has a propensity to report on negative events.  Even you and your friends are likely to spread bad news.

For sure bad news has more interest from a human nature standpoint, in turn the media is motivated by attracting a bigger audience for the news media.  One positive spin on this fact is that the news media simply do not have enough time or resources to report on all the positive things that occur!

One simple, but not exactly easy, thing to do to make your life more positive is to stop being like the news.  By this, I mean broadcasting (telling your family, friends and yes yourself!) so much bad news!  When you think a bad thought it puts negative thought patterns in your head and nervous system.


Here are the tips to Be More Positive:

1.   First, limit your exposure to bad news (media and people).  Make a mental note when you hear bad news that does not personally affect you, to change the channel, tune it out or whatever you have to do to block it out of your thought pattern and then from cursing through your nervous system.

2.   Don’t be a publisher or re-publisher of bad news.  When you are about to broadcast (tell)  some bad news, determine whether there is going to be any benefit to your audience (the person you are telling the bad news to).

Of course a “warning” may be in the form of bad news, but it can have a potential positive affect.  For instance, if you tell someone that you heard about an outbreak of food poisoning from people eating Sick-Chick Chicken, then that serves as a warning if there is a possibility they could eat Sick-Chick Chicken.  Them not getting sick would definitely be a positive outcome.

But, if the people eating Sick-Chick Chicken are in another country, and there is nothing you can do about it, then you are likely just “broadcasting” bad news.  Think before you speak: Does this news benefit the person or the situation, or is it just “bad news” conversation that will make you both feel negative?

You will now start noticing how much bad news is out there, and how much you are even contributing to it.  Take these two steps and you will

Be More Positive!

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