Spinning Your Wheels?

Stop spinning your wheels and get something done!

Spinning wheels can be exciting, but not as exciting as winning the race!


 Make sure you are moving ahead as fast as your wheels are turning! (NOT spinning!)

Trying to keep up with the world’s ever increasing pace in living and technology is a daunting task.

As the economy continues to globalize, competition gets even more fierce.

All this can easily lead to you putting more pressure on yourself to “try to do more faster!”

This would be a good time to set down as a spectator in the grand stand of your “race” on the success path.  Objectively see if you are on track and moving forward as fast as your wheels are turning.

Just like a race car going into a turn, sometimes taking your foot off the gas actually speeds you up!
– Robert MacDonald

Keep your plan in front of you and your measurement of success beside you.

Measure of Success 


The world speeds up more and more each day, making it easy to get caught up in trying to catch it.  -Robert MacDonald    


Never mistake activity for achievement.
-John Wooden


Seems like I’m always too busy to get anything done!
-Robert MacDonald